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USCIS is soon to increase application fees. The average increase is going to be about 30% but the last increase was in 2016.


Diversity Visa Program (DV-2024) is now open

Entrants can file electronically or come to Immigration Advocacy for assistance. The official website for entry is or for filing and instructions. Please note that there is a lot of fraud out there when it comes to the lottery. These sites are legal government sites. Contact us to get started>>.


Afghanistan has been designated for Temporary Protected Status.

Any Afghan who has been here since 3/15/22 has been granted Temporary Protected Status. More details here>>.

Ukraine has been designated for Temporary Protected Status.

Any Ukrainian who has been here since 3/1/22 has been granted Temporary Protected Status. More details here>>.

Venezuela has been designated for Temporary Protected Status.

Any Venezuelan who has been here since 3/8/21 can apply and will get Employment Authorization and Social Security number valid through 9/9/2022. More details here>>.

El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti, Nepel, Nicaragua and Sudan has been designated for Temporary Protected Status.

Temporary Protected Status has been granted to El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti, Nepel, Nicaragua and Sudan until 12/22.


DACA filings have been reinstated. Please call us for an appointment to see if you qualify.


As of March 9 2021 applicants for Adjustment of Status are no longer required to submit form I-944, Declaration of Self-Sufficiency.


Monday 10-4pm, Tuesday 10-1pm, Wednesday 10-4pm, Thursday 10-1pm and Friday 10-1pm with limited staff.

In person visits by appointment only.

Please call 718-956-8218 during office hours to schedule an appointment.


  • Unless they are part of the case, please do not bring in family members.
  • Keep in mind Missed appointments may take up to a month to reschedule.
  • Please do not come more than 15 minutes before your appointment.
  • Please bring in all required documents as to limit your visits with us.

  • Thank you,
    Be Safe

    A Not-for-Profit Immigration Outreach Center
    that helps people with:

    Fingerprints for Canadian, NASD/SEC, FBI background check and job related uses. Photographs for Green Cards,Naturalization and E.A.D. and US passport applicants.
    Obtaining accurate up-to-date information on new laws and procedures.
    Certification, translation and notarization of documents.
    Speakers for merchant and civic organizations.
    Citizenship drives coordinated with social service, ethnic and cultural groups.
    Assistance with all immigration procedures and computerized online filings.
    Referrals to AILA Attorneys, Accredited, Outreach and voluntary service agencies.
    Our immigration staff Attorneys specialize in and limit their practice to immigration law.
    Anti-fraud help in cooperation with NYC Dept of Consumer Affairs, Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs and the NYS Attorney General.
    Referrals to Congressional Representatives and Government Agencies.

    LGBTQ Friendly


    30th Anniversary Gala

    On October 5th, 2019, we held an event to celebrate 30 years of helping our Nation’s immigrants.

    Thank you to everyone who helped make the gala such a memorable night!

    Google Reviews

    Immigration Advocacy Services IconImmigration Advocacy Services

    36-16 Astoria Boulevard South, Astoria

    4.5 167 reviews

    • Avatar Sadra Munir ☆☆☆☆ in the last week
      I was referred to this place by a friend of mine. My case worker changed a total of 3 times. It went … read more from a man (I am having a hard time remembering his name), then went to Claudia, and then went to Geetu. Throughout my case, I didn’t receive the proper help needed. Initially everything went smoothly, application was submitted and payments were made accordingly. I want to quote the first month until the payments were being made, Claudia kept in contact and followed through. However as soon as my I-130 was approved (a whole year 1/2 later) and it was time to prepare for the interview, I felt like I was left alone. Please note that prior to my I-130 approval, I was the one contacting USCIS constantly for expediting my case alongside contacting the mayor of my city to do the same. All along received no help in this process. I had reached out to Geetu numerous times prior to the interview date, one because I wanted the process to go through smoothly, and secondly I did not want to miss any paperwork. Even then all I was reminded of was of my “balance of 500$”. At which I said yes I know, I have signed an agreement and that I would make the payment as soon as my case clears up with the NVC, previously all of my payments were made on time. Geetu was understanding, and agreed. Now at the interview, my husband was asked for documents that we didn’t even know we needed, whatever I was told by Geetu we had. Now I understand policies may change and whatever is asked at the interview may not always correlate with whatever information these lawyers have. But what I did expect was some empathy, support and guidance, which I’m really sorry to say this organization lacked. When I was upset and contacted Geetu, she was confused as to why the case was not approved then and there and why it went into admin processing, but kept asking about her 500$ payment. As a consumer this isn’t something you want to hear. When we further researched of why the case went into admin processing, it was because there was never any record of work shown for my husband and no information given about his family ties. When all of this was provided to Geetu and she even noted everything down when I initially filed the I-130. Again a delay because of the immigration services. Now fast forward a whole 10 months later, we receive an email from NVC asking for a whole bunch of other documents that I was never told about. But at this point my husband and I were already so frustrated with Immigration Advocacy we decided to do everything ourselves because that’s honestly all that we were doing anyways. Even when we provided all documents, they weren’t sent over to NVC so it’s better to do things ourselves. The only help provided by this organization was to “fill the application”. Respectfully, I could’ve done the same. The only reason you reach out and ask for help for an immigration service is to avoid any delays with documents and to get proper guidance and support.
      A few days after my case was approved I received a voicemail from Geetu in a very condescending tone, again asking for her $500 which I made no delay in paying, when respectfully I do not believe they deserved it. But I stayed true to my word and agreement.
      I have to say I am extremely disappointed with the organization as I expected so much more given their well reviews. My case has been cleared, but I would just like to say to this organization to not do something like this again with a consumer. The amount of mental stress I endured for almost 3 years is not worth it, it seems as they are more money hungry than helping the community out.
    • Avatar Nell Sanderson ★★★★★ a month ago
      I had a very good experience . My lawyer was korina, which was very helpful. My case was submitted … read more in may, and I got a quick reply by uscis thing are move along. Great, I'm so happy. Thank u. I will recommend anyone to this place
    • Avatar Lee Allen-Lan ★★★★★ 2 months ago
      I was referred by a friend to Immigration Advocacy Services. And I’m so grateful I came here. They know … read more what they are doing, and helped me to stay grounded during this stressful process. It honestly couldn’t be better. I felt the sense of mission they are carrying with their work, and just knowing that gave me lots of confidence. They won’t skim you or take advantage. They are on their game and know what they are talking about. I couldn’t recommend this place more.
    • Avatar D L. ★★★★★ 3 months ago
      I'm writing this review on behalf of my dad (Roman L.), who does not do internet reviews, lol:
      … read more
      He highly recommends this establishment. He came here for a green card renewal. He worked with Valentina, who was professional, efficient, and approachable. She was able to quickly and effectively solve his issues with the renewal and was very detailed and cordial in answering all of his questions. He was extremely pleased with the service here!
    • Avatar Christian ☆☆☆☆ a month ago
      This lawyer was nothing but an Administrative Assistant. Didn’t look further into my mom’s case to see … read more if she had any other charges, and didn’t even offer us to sign a waiver form. My mother went to her interview just to get denied access in USA. Wasn’t even asked any questions at her interview.

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