• DV Lottery for 2023 starts on October 6th through noon on November 9th

    October 22, 2021 The Department of State will begin accepting online registrations for the 2023 Diversity Visa Program (DV-2023) starting Wednesday, October 6, 2021 at noon EDT. Foreign nationals who wish to enter the lottery have until Tuesday, November 9, 2021 at noon EST to file online.The entry form will only...
  • ALLAN WERNICK: Stepparents can petition for their stepkids to get a green card

    January 27, 2020 Q. Can my son’s stepmother petition for him to get a green card? My son is 15. He was born in Mexico and now he is here legally as an H-4, child of a temporary worker. Seven years ago, his father married a U.S. citizen. His father and...
  • Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)

    June 25, 2017 Since the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling that Sec. 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”) is unconstitutional, our federal agencies are now required to treat same-sex couples who are legally married in the same manner as they would opposite-sex couples.In the immigration world, this means that...
  • What it means to be an American Citizen

    There will be a barbecue with friends, fireworks, and a day off from work. But for me, this Independence Day will be far different from the ones I have celebrated since I moved to the United States 13 years ago.
  • Information on Trump’s Immigration Executive Order

    Immigration law experts and borough advocacy rights groups said that while Queens immigrants are understandably alarmed about Trump’s executive orders, there are steps they can take to protect themselves.
  • A Muslim’s American Holiday

    On this Thanksgiving, let us each remember that. At a time when our nation is divided and frightened, there is still nowhere as a Muslim I am not welcome. There is nowhere in the world where a Muslim is more religiously and democratically free.
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

    This week marks the third annual anniversary of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the Department of Homeland Security’s initiative to grant consideration to individuals who entered the United States as children in deferring prosecutorial action as well as issuing work authorization if they meet certain criteria.
  • Monetary Crisis in Greece

    Information for our Greek constituents. If you any questions about immigration for your family and friends please contact our office.
  • Executive Action Clarification

    Although President Obama’s much anticipated speech on Immigration last night shone a light on coming future changes in Immigration law and procedure, the first and foremost fact that we all need to understand is that whether through Executive Action or Congress passing new laws all of these proposed changes will not...