A Muslim’s American Holiday

November 24, 2016

On this Thanksgiving, let us each remember that. At a time when our nation is divided and frightened, there is still nowhere as a Muslim I am not welcome. There is nowhere in the world where a Muslim is more religiously and democratically free. That is true even today, as many wring their hands about a resurgence of white nationalism and other forms of angry ethnic pride.

I suppose I actually absorbed this idea decades before Judge John Gleeson swore me in as a U.S. citizen at federal court in Brooklyn last year. But by the time I got my documents and squinted at them in the morning sun that December day, I realized, through all her mystery and all her magic, through all the goodness of dozens of American families, through the remarkably prescient imagination of Jefferson who more than 200 years ago had no less imagined me, I had been made a citizen not only of document but of substance: the values of Americans had become mine.” – NY Daily News

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