Executive Action Clarification

June 25, 2015
Although President Obama’s much anticipated speech on Immigration last night shone a light on coming future changes in Immigration law and procedure, the first and foremost fact that we all need to understand is that whether through Executive Action or Congress passing new laws all of these proposed changes will not be truly implemented for months. Its good to gather information but do not apply for anything until you’ve gotten a number of opinions as to whether you qualify. Here at Immigration Advocacy Services we have been guiding citizens and immigrants eager to help their families through the legal quagmire that is Immigration for 25 years, two years before President Reagan signed  the first ‘Legalization’ or Amnesty into law in 1986.  Since then there have been many new laws passed in the intervening years including 245i, IRCA, IraIrra and an assortment of other major immigration law changes. Our best advice at this point: One: Don’t be in a hurry; nothing in this new action will be law or even able to be applied for for  a minimum of 90 to 180 days. Second, even then, we always advise our constituents to not be first on line for any new law; let the government practice on other people and when they’ve gotten over the inherent glitches in any new procedure we’ll gladly apply for you and guide you through the legal requirements. Third: come by our office for a FREE consultation on your particular and individual case.  No two cases are ever alike and there will certainly be updates, changes and new facets as the law or action wends its way through our courts and inevitable challenges. Fourth:  save everything that constitutes a paper trail and begin to look for pertinent documents to establish your initial entry, subsequent years since then and your relationship to any US Citizen or Resident. Come in for updated lists and instructions we may have. Fifth: when looking for information, be very aware of attempts at fraud. Every shyster, Notario, fake attorney and unscrupulous lawyer will be looking to take advantage of this law and you. Remember that Homeland Security, USCIS and the Department of State have excellent websites but there are a ton of lookalikes that try to dupe you into believing they are Immigration.  The government sites all end in  .Gov and for this particular issue USCIS.GOV is the correct government website. Website: https://www.uscis.gov/immigrationaction